Cases /project descriptions

Endemol Nederland

  • After many reorganisations in previous years, there was a need for a fundamental revamp of the organisation.
  • F-Scan: by means of interviews with employees at all levels of the organisation, followed by a sound plan of action and an effective implementation of the transition (F-Trans).
  • Renewed self-confidence of the organisation, retention of market leadership, a simplified organisational structure and a substantial increase in flexibility.


Endemol Argentinia

  • After 10 successful years, the company was operating at a loss.
  • F-Scan: by means of interviews at the top of the organisation.
  • New organisational structure, greater cost flexibility, ensured new checks and balances in management team.


Pro Sieben Sat1 Group

  • TV production organisation was operating at (too) high cost and they needed a substantial reduction of activities.
  • F-Scan by means of interviews with employees in all parts of the organisation, analysis of cost level and benchmarking with other comparable international organisations.
  • Cost level adjusted by 25% (€ 23.5 million).


KRO - Hilversum

  • Restructuring of organisation, more effective set-up.
  • Emphasis on primary process.
  • Long-term lowering of cost level by 10%.


SBS - Productions Amsterdam

  • Focus and strategy developed.
  • Cost structure lowered by more than 20%.
  • Digitisation of work processes.


AVRO - Hilversum

  • New effective top structure developed from primary process.
  • More cohesion.
  • Restructuring of the organisation and management team.
  • Fixed cost structure lowered substantially.


Veronica Uitgeverij - Hilversum

  • Restructuring of organisation based on F-Scan.
  • From an archipelago of islands with individual interests to a cohesive whole.
  • Adjustments made to the organisation.
  • Effectiveness of organisation improved.
  • Fixed costs lowered by more than 15%.


FIFA - Switzerland

  • Budget for host broadcasting activities during World Cup in South Africa was "out of control".
  • F-Scan with detailed analysis of estimates that had been drawn up.
  • Reduction of budgeted costs by 25%.


Fremantle Greece

  • Following exit in 2006, the company wanted to recapture market position, but was unsure about the course to take.
  • Market scan of the Greek television market with reconsideration of the strategy to be followed.
  • Initiative to restart the company was stopped before excessive costs would be incurred, opted for strategic alternative (continuation of successful licensing activities).


All 3 Media Germany

  • Company wanted to internationalise further and they were wondering whether they should take their first step in Germany and how.
  • Market scan, followed by formulation of a market entry strategy.
  • Documentation led to acquisition of MME Moviement and start of All3Media activities in Germany.
  • Company is now a stable and successful part of the All3Media group.



  • Company had a stagnating market position in the Netherlands, being overtaken by a number of competitors.
  • F-Strategy: strategic analysis of the market position with the outcome that they should look for an affiliation with a larger, international organisation.
  • Partner found, company sold and has now become a successful part of the larger international network of Zodiak.


KRO - Hilversum

  • Complete restructuring of television post-production process.
  • Hyper-modern AVID environment with 8 high-quality editing suites.
  • Well-supported solution for new editing environment, integral part of KRO environment.
  • System developed from a user’s perspective.
  • Transition seemingly took place without problems.
  • Support during open tendering procedure.
  • Long-term lowering of costs by no longer outsourcing any activities.


SBS Productions - Amsterdam

  • Work processes defined.
  • New non-linear editing and broadcast environment developed and implemented.
  • Increase in quality and long-term lowering of costs.


NPS / NOVA - Hilversum

  • Work processes defined.
  • New non-linear editing environment developed and implemented.
  • Increase in quality and long-term lowering of costs.