Sven Sauvé

CEO RTL Netherlands

“They get things done. Together with the organization, 3Rivers has added an important contribution in the essential transformation we began in 2018-2019.”

Ronald Goes

EVP and Head of Warner Bros. International TV Production

‘Shortly after founding Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia, the 3 Rivers team built our business in Sydney. From setting up a completely new management team, building a new organization, optimizing our production processes and maintaining our relationships with the broadcasters and platforms. Our Australian organization has since grown into one of our most successful opco’s in the world’.

Markus Schäfer

CEO ZDF Studios

“3Rivers consists of a team of absolute media professionals. I have worked with them throughout my career and enjoy the depth of their media knowledge. Whichever question I have, they always come back with sensible answers.”

Kaja Wolffers

Head of Content Prime Video Benelux at Amazon

"It has been a pleasure to work with the people from 3Rivers. An inspirational session with Tina Nijkamp stands out for me. She gave our team a straightforward, thought provoking and inspirational session. I can recommend them as a company that combines industry expertise with a hands on approach.”

Taco Rijssemus

Former CEO All3Media Germany

"3Rivers consists of a team of media professionals that provide real value. Their expertise, combined with their pragmatic approach, gives me a lot of confidence that the course they recommend is the right one. Moreover, I enjoy having brainstorming sessions with them."

Karen Donders

Public mission, talent & organisation VRT

"We have partnered with 3Rivers for our strategic development because they bring a lot of knowledge and experience from the international media industry. Their execution power appeals to us and helps us with the many change processes we are developing."

René Delwel

Former CEO EMG Netherlands

“I know the people from 3Rivers for quite some years now. With their industry knowledge and experience they have helped and supported our organization on various assignments. It is a pleasure working with them.”

Eric van Stade


"Was I the first client when I hired 3Rivers for a project I gave them when I was CEO at SBS? I think so. Over the past 15 years, I have hired the people from 3Rivers more than once and in various fields. From refining the strategy to guiding some challenging AV-technical projects. Always with results. That is what characterizes them."

Peter Kuipers

Executive Chairman KRO-NCRV

"I know Oege and Meindert as colleagues from the NOB in the nineties. Then and now, I often work with them and some other colleagues from 3Rivers. Specifically, I think of their guidance during the merger between AVRO and TROS and the important role that Meindert filled as ad interim Media Director at KRO-NCRV. They get things done."

Peter Lubbers

CEO Banijay Benelux

"I have enjoyed working with the 3 Rivers team several times. With their practical knowledge of the media market, they quickly get to the core of the problems. This is followed by a thorough, clear and feasible plan. The team also has a wealth of experience with the implementation of the plans and interim management, which I have used with great pleasure."