Meindert Landsmeer

Meindert Landsmeer (partner;1960) started his career, after a BA in Econometrics, in Market Research. In 1994 he switched to the Media Industry. Since then he held various Board and Management Positions.

Together with Oege Boonstra he founded 3Rivers in 2008. As Partner of 3Rivers he advised many Media Organizations, amongst others ProSieben Sat1 in München, Red Bee Media In London and the majority of the public and commercial broadcast organizations in the Netherlands (KRO-NCRV, BNNVARA, AVROTROS, RTL, Talpa, NPO, NOS, NTR). He also advised various production companies and publishers, like TMG on their Video Strategy.

Meindert is known for getting things done. Focus on execution. He regularly holds interim Board Positions: in the past years for RTL as director of content & production, for KRO-NCRV as director of media and for NTR as interim chair and business director.

Meindert loves data, people and media and effectively connecting the dots between them.

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