Mark Ramakers

Mark Ramakers (associate partner; 1969) started his career with Schiphol Management Services BV (currently Schiphol International) when he was still studying operations research. He gave financial advice to airports worldwide and had a key role in the privatisation processes of the airports of New York (USA) and Brisbane (AUS).

After Endemol’s Initial Public Offering at the end of 1996, Mark became responsible for the majority of European acquisitions of media (production) companies. They form the basis of the current Endemol. At the start of 2000, he directed the IPO of Endemol daughter Helkon Media AG (Munich, GER) and joined the board as CFO. After spending three years in Germany, he returned to the Netherlands as a director at ABN AMRO Private Equity.

As a delegated supervisory board member at optical fiber network Eurofiber (on behalf of ABN AMRO), he took over the CFO position and directed the national expansion of the optical fiber backbone in the Netherlands in order to sell Eurofiber to Dik Wessels (currently Reggefiber). From 2009 to 2013, he assisted John de Mol as CFO with the expansion and growth of Talpa Media. In 2014 he was responsible for reorganising the Los Angeles and London (Hammer) based film production company Exclusive Media and starting up the Center for Applied Games in Amsterdam (on behalf of Dasym)

Mark is strongly driven by strategic and financial concepts with a clear no-nonsense vision and practical approach.

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