Joost Koning

After working as an actor in theatre, film and television since he was 12 and consequently finishing the Theatre Academy in Maastricht, Joost (1996) studied Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Cum Laude) and Strategic Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During these last two studies, he made strategic assignments for multiple media companies wherein he helped solve challenges in practice.

Meanwhile, he started to conduct talkshows and podcasts for media trade magazine Broadcast Magazine. Guests were ranging from creatives to producers, from traditional media to tech and from text to the audio and video domain. In this way, he realised 175+ interviews with the most successful dutch media entrepreneurs and directors.

In 2023, Joost joined 3Rivers as a junior consultant. In this role, he combines his fascination for media-strategy, his love for asking the right questions and his clear and clarifying reporting skills.

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