What we do

We make media companies effective

3Rivers solely focuses on the media.

Within this clearly defined scope, we offer a wide range of services. The central theme is making media companies more effective, so that the right decisions will be made at the right time.

Since we founded our business in 2007 on the confluence of three rivers in Dordrecht, we have done so for 50+ media companies around the globe.

Our three distinctive elements


We work only for media companies and know the industry through and through. We know that media markets are so dynamic that media companies are in constant need for change and structures that allow creativity to flourish are essential and always need attention.


Our team has extensive Board level experience and is used to work at this level consistently. 3Rivers consultants and interim managers have all been in senior line management positions of the international media sector for many decades.


We do not write long reports. We get things done. Period. Our entire focus is not on wonderful presentations but on a quick and thorough implementation of the right action plan; on turning strategy into practice.

Our approach

“Substantial force is needed to break an egg from the outside. From the inside a newborn chicken can do it. Much easier.”

We start with the F-scan, where the F stands for effectiveness. It’s a tool we conceived more than 15 years ago that helps us to quickly assess the effectiveness of media organisations.

In it, we try to understand an organization from a managerial perspective. We talk to the right people: both management and - more importantly - other employees as well. We also go through relevant (strategic) documents.

Furthermore, we carry out benchmarks, both hard and soft ones. The latter is our wide network through which we know the key players in all areas of a media organization. We are able to use their and our own knowledge to compare organizations.

Based on our experience, we know that change from the outside is almost never effective.

To create the best strategy and garner internal support, it needs to come from the inside: by (virtually) walking around and talking to hidden experts ‘on the shop floor’.

The F-scan is not a survey or inquisition but rather a way to gather knowledge in a way an executive would. It is not the traditional consultant approach, but one with real understanding of the industry. It comes from within and, while doing so, creates a broad support base for change.

Based on the F-scan, we draw up a concise report with a clear analysis of the status quo, a set of recommendations for improvement and a concrete plan of action.

Unlike many others, we don’t stop there. We help you to actually execute the plan to create vast and lasting improvements to your business.

What we do

Strategy development

We lead and support the process of analysing both the trends within the external competitive landscape and the current state of the organisation, to create a plan of action that maximises the chance of (gaining and) sustaining a competitive advantage.

Digital content development

We offer data and AI support for optimising the creative process of developing compelling and effective content across platforms for specific audiences.

Organizational development

We develop creative and efficient production processes in media and implement these in close coordination with people in the organisation.

Social Media Strategy

We offer analysis, performance optimization, content strategy, guidelines and interim management of social media teams.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We support media companies in M&A processes, both on the selling as the buying side, providing specific media business expertise and transaction knowledge

Recruitment & Selection

Based on our extensive network in media, we are able to identify, attract and hire the right candidates with the most necessary skills, experience and alignment with your organisational goals, values and culture.

Operational development

We support media companies in evaluating, selecting, and integrating the technology that best suits their unique requirements and aligns with their operational workflows, including expert guidance on foundational technologies such as (cloud) infrastructure and AI/ ML solutions.


Through a collaborative and structured process of self-discovery and skill-building, we help you identify and achieve goals on the personal level within the professional context.

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