Machiel Lankhorst

Machiel Lankhorst (1968) studied at the School of Electronics in Hilversum. After successfully completing these studies in 1989, he began working in the video facilities sector. Initially he performed various (technical) management roles, but from the mid-1990s he shifted his area of activity towards project management and the implementation of new technologies.

From 2003 onwards, he began working as an independent consultant and project manager. His expertise lies in the area of analysing existing work processes and advising on the choice of new technologies and working methods.

He also supervises the implementation of such change processes. His area of activity extends from traditional broadcast environments to their increasing convergence with new media and new platforms. Over the past few years he has played an important role in the successful realisation of various prominent projects both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Since the beginning of 2010, Machiel has worked with 3Rivers as a senior consultant.

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