Jonatan de Boer

After having fulfilled various roles in marketing and sales, Jonatan de Boer brought the fast-growing German startup 'Mediakraft' to the Netherlands in 2013. As a MultiChannel Network (MCN), this company bundled hundreds of YouTube channels, creating an interesting proposition for YouTubers and for advertisers. In addition, Mediakraft produced several proprietary formats on YouTube and initiated extensive influencer marketing campaigns and video productions on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Jonatan sold Mediakraft's Dutch and Belgian  division in 2016 to television producer MediaLane. From this acquisition, the company emerged as a social studio. Customers such as Coca-Cola, The Walt Disney Company, Talpa, Telenet, NPO and Vodafone were provided with innovative productions and influencer marketing campaigns. In 2018, Jonatan left MediaLane to join Los Angeles-based tech startup 'Bird' to lead their Northern European operation until Bird's IPO in 2021. Jonatan now advises media companies and public figures on their digital media strategy, content, formats and positioning. Including social media, podcasts and VOD.

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Jonatan de Boer

Jonatan de Boer joins 3Rivers

Jonatan de Boer will join the 3Rivers team on 1 December 2022. Jonatan has been working in the Dutch media industry for more than 10 years and is a specialist in the field ofsocial media, online video and influencer marketing. He started the Dutch branch of Mediakraft, was managing director of the online branch of Medialane and led the tech startup Bird. Jonathan has specialized in social media analyses, online video productions and influencer marketing campaigns on all major socialmedia platforms. At 3Rivers he will mainly focus on media projects from a social media and online media perspective.


Oege Boonstra, partner 3Rivers: "We are pleased that Jonatan with his broad knowledge and experience in the field of social media will join our team. He has gained meaningful experience early in his career and can serve our clientele with a new service. He can demystify social media like no other and advise customers practically." Jonatan: "3Rivers is a wonderful company with a great reputation in the media, both nationally and internationally. I look forward to working with my new colleagues to achieve even more impact in the ever-changing media landscape."


3Rivers deals with strategic and organizational issues for media companies from an operational perspective. The company's consultants have all long-standing experience in the media world and have carried out projects all over the world with the aim of making media companies function more effectively.